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in the Nordic Countries

The Nordic PSB office in Brussels

The Nordic Public Service Broadcasters’ office in Brussels, Nordic PSB was established in 2001 after a decision taken by the Director Generals of the seven public service broadcasting companies in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

C svartvit  Charlotte Niklasson is the Nordic PSB representative in Brussels. Before she joined Nordic PSB she worked as Strategy and Public Affairs Advisor for the Swedish Public Service Broadcaster, SVT, where she was responsible for the international cooperation and coordination within the Nordic Public Affairs Committee. Charlotte has previously worked for the Swedish government, the Ministry of Defence, as well as the UN.

Contacts in the Nordic PSB home offices:

Rasmus jørgensen, DR

Hilde Thoresen, NRK

Bjarni Guðmundsson, RUV

Cecilia Roos, SR

Lena Strand, UR

Marit Ingves, YLE

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The Nordic PSB office is located at Avenue Arts 56 on the 4th floor together with the European Broadcasting Unions Brussels office.

Charlotte Niklasson

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