We Proudly PresentPublic Service Broadcasting
in the Nordic Countries


Mission and Objectives

The overall mission and objective of Nordic PSB is to safeguard and promote the interests of the Nordic public service broadcasters, and strengthen the position of public service broadcasting in the Nordic countries and Europe. Nordic PSB closely follows the work and activities in the different institutions of the European Union and The Council of Europe dealing with the audiovisual sector. An important aspect of the work is to establish, develop and foster contacts with relevant actors in Brussels and Strasbourg. In carrying out its mission, Nordic PSB works in close co-operation with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and other European Public Service Broadcasters, such as the BBC, RAI, France Television, RTVE, ZDF and ARD.

Nordic PSBs comments to different consultations:

PSB is vital for Democracy and Media Pluralism

The Nordic Public Service Broadcasters share the concern about media freedom, not only in European countries but all over the world. We strongly condemn violence against journalists as well as political and economic interference in the journalistic work. We raise awareness of the problems and empower the audience, as part of the democratic, social and cultural needs of our societies. In times of economic crisis Public Service Broadcasting is more important than ever in preserving media pluralism. Comments to HLG on Media Freedom and Pluralism.


DTT is indispensable still for several years

In their response to the RSPG consultation on ”Strategic Challenges facing Europe in addressing the Growing Spectrum Demand for Wireless Broadband” the Nordic PSBs underline the DTT platform plays an indispensable role in the realisation of the missions of the Nordic PSBs by ensuring that public service content is available free-to-air to the whole population and by enhancing competition and innovation in the TV distribution market. They also state that a potential reallocation of the 700 MHz band to wireless broadband could undermine the viability of the DTT platform in most Nordic countries – apart from Finland where alternative frequencies are available – and that a decision on the 700 MHz band should be considered carefully. A decision on the 700 MHz band should also be considered in light of the fact that a reallocation is not realistic in the Nordic countries – except Finland – before 2020/21.

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